Hoor-paar-Kraat was realized by Anthony Mangicapra in the fall of 1999 Era Vulgaris.

- Chorea (Cass, Ltd, C20), Black Horizons
- In Your Absence (Cass, Ltd, C20), Robert & Leopold

- York Factory Complaint & Hoor-paar-Kraat collaboration with York Factory Complaint (Cass, Ltd, C30), Goat Eater Arts

Eureka Tapes (The Complete Recordings) 2CD, Small Doses/Basses Frequences

Handy Feet C20 Ltd. Ed. 100, Peasant Magik
- Ship of the Desert C30 Lt. Ed. 46, Period Tapes
- A Hare of the Table That Pet You split w/ Drowning the Virgin Silence C12 Ltd. Ed. 100, Goat Eater Arts
- A Wild Country and a Waning Moon C30 Ltd. Ed. 100, Goat Eater Arts
- Taxonomy of Divine Organisms (Eureka Tapes vol. III) CD-R Ltd. Ed. 25, Goat Eater Arts, Composed and constructed for Above and Below
- A Doorbell of Earbows for Brefix LP Ltd. Ed. 500, Goat Eater Arts/KNVBI Records

Graduating from Clocks to Watches (Eureka Tapes vol. II) C60 Ltd. Ed. 200, Peasant Magik
- Untitled split w/ Last, C10 Ltd. Ed. 25, Acid Casualty Productions
- Dyonisus-Dyonisos collaboration w/ Fecalove C40 Ltd. Ed. 50, Turgid Animal
- Dyonisus-Dyonisos collaboration w/ Fecalove CD-R Ltd. Ed. 50, Goat Eater Arts
- The Middle Pillar CD-R Ltd. Ed. 21, Goat Eater Arts, Composed and constructed for Visual & Sound Art
- A Whisper in the Sow’s Ear (Eureka Tapes vol. 1) 3” CD-R Ltd. Ed. 142, Small Doses
- Tzool-Mah CD-R Ltd. Ed. 93, Goat Eater Arts

In Eros Veritas LP Ltd. Ed. 300, KNVBI Records
- In Eros Veritas CD-R Ltd. Ed. 38, Goat Eater Arts
- Veni, Vidi, Volo In Domum Redire: Killing is My Business 3” CD-R Box Set, Ltd. Ed. 50, Small Doses
- An Anagram Hypnotic LP Ltd. Ed. 281, Goat Eater Arts
- The Huntington Chapters 3" CD-R Ltd. Ed. 153, Small Doses
- The Absurdity of Symbolism CD-R Ltd. Ed. 93 copies, Goat Eater Arts

The Nagaraja Movements 3" CD-R Ltd. Ed. 50, Amorf Sounds
- Mercurial Little Jitterbug CD-R Ltd. Ed. 93, Goat Eater Arts
- Asha-Dasha CD-R Ltd. Ed. 42, Goat Eater Arts

Thohu Bohu Double 3" CD-R Ltd. Ed. 23, Goat Eater Arts, Composed and constructed for Oracles and Atavisms
- Siafu: A Harsh Noise Compilation CD-R, Absalom Recordings
- A Tale for Babes and Sucklings CD-R Ltd. Ed. 20, Goat Eater Arts
- The Sylphs Songs 3" Anti CD-R Ltd. Ed. 12, Goat Eater Arts

Kuklos Anagkes CD-R Ltd. Ed. 22, Goat Eater Arts
- Romantic Agony in the Arena of Anon CD-R Ltd. Ed. 22, Goat Eater Arts

Lemurian Hymns 3" CD-R Ltd. Ed. 8, Goat Eater Arts

An Etymological Study of Tahuti CD-R Ltd. Ed. 75, Goat Eater Arts

Music You Hate by Musicians Who Hate You CD-R Ltd. Ed. 14, Goat Eater Arts
- The God Eater & The Goat Eater 3” CD-R Ltd. Ed. 11, Goat Eater Arts